Food’s Packaging for Ayam Geprek Juara

Paper Lunch Box for Customer

We develop paper lunch box for serving Ayam Geprek Juara‘s signature menu to their customer.

Company Profile

Ayam Geprek Juara is a fast food restaurant which serves variety of fried chicken with reasonable price. Since its first established in 20th of May 2017, Ayam Geprek juara continues to spread its wings throughout many countries. By 2018, Ayam Geprek Juara has opened 188 restaurants throughout Indonesia and South East Asia countries.

Problem Statement

As a high-in-demand fast food restaurant, Ayam Geprek Juara seeks for a one stop trusted printing partner that can provide their printing needs; such as rice paper wrap and lunch box. Ayam Geprek Juara was struggling to find the trusted printing partner; until they met Tjetak.

Solution to the problem

Tjetak provided their needs with a low price and high quality products. With Tjetak’s pricing engine, Tjetak can calculate an accurate price for Ayam Geprek Juara’s order. Tjetak also provides sample product for Ayam Geprek Juara to approve before the products are finally being printed. All in all, Tjetak is a compact and complete one stop printing vendor; which already has proved by Ayam Geprek Juara.

Product Results