Promotional Infraboard for OVO

Infraboard for OVO’s Promotional Product

We develop infraboard with high quality and high complexity as a part of OVO’s promotional product.

Company Profile

OVO is an application developed by PT. Visionet International. The company which was founded 2.5 years ago is engaged in digital payments. OVO is the leading payment, reward and financial services platform in Indonesia. OVO is available on 115 million devices with access to payments, transfers, cash-in / out, rewards, asset management, and investments. Until now OVO has been in 300 cities throughout Indonesia.

Problem Statement

As one of the biggest electronic payments company in Indonesia, OVO seeks a vendor that can provide high quality and complex promotional needs. OVO demand their promotional needs in large quantity in a short period of time. OVO needs a high skilled vendor that can work in limited times.

Solution to the problem

Tjetak can provided OVO with high quality service and fast production process. Moreover, Tjetak provided product sample which completed in the exact time demanded by OVO.

Product Results