Packaging Laniros Dian Pharma

Product Packaging for Customer

We LDP’s product packaging which is a pregnancy test packaging.

Company Profile

Laniros Dian Pharma (LDP) is a company specializing in business development especially for developing rapid test business. LDP do the marketing services for ethical products as well as consumer goods and any other products/service which related to health. LDP products is use for pregancy test (Woman Choice & Testpack), drug of abuse test (Sensor & Speedytest) and infection disease test (starplus diagnostic).

Problem Statement

  • Has many kind of product that use a packaging (box),every product has different size, specification and finishing.
  • LDP products was fast moving products, so the requirements of the products packaging is high.
  • Seek for a vendor who quick and fast in terms of production timeline and estimating the products price.

Solution to the problem

In daily operations for estimating the price and production time, Tjetak use a pricing engine called “Tjetak Calculator”. Any kind of printing products can be calculate by Tjetak Calculator within minutes. To support the estimation, Tjetak have tjetakpro that used by vendor to submit the product price and production timeline. So all of LDP product’s can be estimate quick and accurate in terms of price and production time.

Product Results